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NC Irrigation

North Carolina Irrigation

          Every property owner knows that in order for their lawn to thrive, especially during the long, hot months of summer in North Carolina, it needs to be watered. What many people are surprised to discover is that there is a right and a wrong way to go about doing this.

          Consistency in your lawn irrigation schedule is a must. If a lawn is allowed to brown and almost become dormant before it is shocked back to life by a sudden burst of water is becomes unduly stressed and that stress can damage it in the long run and the lawn will need more than watering to repair the damage.

          In creating a lawn irrigation plan for an individual lawn that will actually be beneficial to it many people turn to an in ground sprinkler system. As a company who provides Transylvania lawn care, Hendersonville lawn care, Buncombe lawn care and lawn care all over the western North Carolina area we see a great many different sprinkler systems every year and the unfortunate fact is that not all of them have been set up to provide water for the whole lawn properly and certain areas of the lawn are practically missed out altogether, resulting in those ugly brown and dead patches that spoil the look of any lawn.

         Lawn sprinkler systems are great but it is the rare garden that does not have a few out of the way spots that will still need hand watering. However you water your lawn though, it is just as important that you do not overdo it.

        If you see runoff into the street or onto your driveway when your sprinkler system is in action then that is a good indication that the water is being applied at a rate that is faster than the lawn can absorb, something that is not good for your lawn or for the environment (wasting water is more and more of a problem these days). You may need to adjust the schedule that your sprinklers run on and in North Carolina, irrigation repair is a common undertaking as sprinklers cannot run forever without proper maintenance and winterizing!

         Timing can make a big difference as well. Many people set their lawn sprinklers to run in the evening but that is often not the best timing. If you water a lawn in the early morning hours you often get better results. If there is some dew on the grass already the water is absorbed more easily and less water is lost to evaporation in the heat and humidity that is often still around in the evenings in North Carolina.

         Property owners should also remember that the rest of the plants and trees in their gardens need water too. While it is true that shrubs and trees don’t need as much water as the lawn they still need some and should be watered periodically as a part of your overall North Carolina landscaping plan.

         At JK Enterprise of WNC, Inc. we  install/repair Rain Bird and Toro irrigation systems as well as scheduled maintenance and weatherization. We service and sell some of the most technologically advanced irrigation systems on the market today!  Weather you want to control your irrigation system with a switch panel or control it with a laptop computer or your smart phone, we will get it all set up for you.  Contact JK Enterprise of WNC, Inc. today for all of your irrigation needs.