Western NC. Landscaper

JK Enterprise of WNC, Inc.

Is your property in need of a makeover? JK Enterprise of WNC offers everything from the ground up in grading, lawn care, and landscape design/installation in western NC. and the surrounding areas. We’ll give your property curb appeal that reflects your personal style, and we won’t empty your wallet doing it!

Having a well groomed lawn says a lot about a business or home. We work with you to design a landscape that suits your needs. We will create a balanced landscape with texture, contrast, variety, and color, and the landscape can be designed to fit within the level of care you want to invest after the installation. It can be as simple or elaborate as you like.

Whether you need new grading, lawn care, landscaping or landscaping modifications services, JK Enterprise of WNC can take care of all of your needs!

•  Grading

•  Landscaping

•  Irrigation

•  Rain water capturing/pumping systems

•  Lawn Care

•  Laser grade surveying

•  Non hazardous tree removal

•  Dump truck services

•  Retaining walls

•  Brick/custom driveway, patio, and pool paver installation and repair

•  Herbicide/Pesticide application

•  We have fill dirt, firewood, and landscaping boulders for sale and in stock

•  24 hour snow removal/ice melt application

•  Rototiller work

•  Concrete work/stucco, driveway slabs, patios, footers, brick and block


Contact JK Enterprise of WNC today and I will personally come out and evaluate your project. Call us at (828) 883-9561 or email